Welcome to the Happiness Connection! 


I’m Laura Licato, and I’d like to invite you to join me in learning how to experience more success, joy, and meaning in every area of your life!  Whether the focus of coaching is on your career or personal life, this is a place to learn, grow, and become inspired to achieve personal mastery – and a happy life.  The fuel for creating success with ease includes not only leveraging your natural strengths and talents, but also the passions that bring you joy. Discover that you really can be happy right where you are – while at the same time continually moving towards creating more of what you really want.  Let me help you reach beyond your goals and into your full potential! 



I am writing to thank you for coaching me through a traumatic life circumstance. I found you while I was going through a dark night of my soul and felt like giving up. Your open heart, love and understanding gave me a safe place to talk openly about my feelings. Your questions and requests of me were instrumental in helping me find the way out of my trauma. Additionally, you gave me some effective tools for finding and staying with my well-being. There are no words to adequately thank you for your contribution to my life and I will remain forever grateful. I can only say thank you for your support and for staying with me through it all. My time with your coaching has been the most valuable experience for my permanent transformation to wholeness and wellness.

-Sharon P, Prescott, AZ