Are you living your Soul’s Story– is your life continually growing into more meaning and joy?  Or do you get stuck in your stories instead, forgetting that you are the author of your life?   This program holds the potential to open the door to conscious transformation!


The Awaken Your Soul Program provides the framework, tools, and support to break out of the status quo in your life and create a new and empowered future.  Clients of this program experience new levels of personal freedom, happiness, and inspiration propelling them to consciously create the life of their dreams.  By awakening to your soul’s calling – your  ‘Great Story’ – you will be able to transform yourself and your life. 


You will learn how to:


  • Distinguish your soul’s story from the “victim” and “overcoming” stories that run on autopilot

  • Learn how to use your internal narratives to create healing and growth instead of pain and struggle

  • Use the 4-step “Responsibility Model” to take full ownership for your experience and permanently break patterns of self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that keep you stuck

  • Understand and experience the full-spectrum of 21 emotions, allowing you to shift your emotional energy in a way that supports your continued growth and evolution, and honors the entire human experience

  • Celebrate your own unique gifts and uncover where your true passion lies

  • Align with your empowered motivations and use visioning of beacon futures to nurture the dreams of your soul


The details:

  • The program consists of one-on-one Soul Story coaching sessions of 60 minutes each.  See below for the different package session lengths.

  • Coaching sessions occur by phone or computer (e.g. Skype), depending on your preference.

  • Between coaching sessions, you will be responsible for completing assignments relating to the material and practice.  These may include self-inquiry and reflection, journaling, meditation, visualization, audio learning, or other types of activities.


Program fees:


Awaken Your Soul Program Packages are offered at three different levels to fit your readiness and commitment to the process of transformational change.  Some clients like to start slowly with an overview of what the process is like, while others know they want to dive deep and don’t want to waste any time to create radical change in their lives.   You may schedule a complimentary consultation with me to explore what would best fit your individual needs.



Discover Your Soul’s Story Package – $1997


This package introduces you to the Awaken Your Soul process over 8 sessions.  You will get an overview of all the elements of the process and a sense of where your power is stuck as well a glimpse of what’s possible for your future when your Soul’s Story is awakened.



Awaken Your Soul’s Story Package – $4497


This package includes 20 sessions and takes place over 5-6 months.   You will learn the entire process and hone your self-awareness skills so that you can easily see where and when you fall into old patterns that don’t serve you, as well as develop the map for consciously shifting into more empowering choices to honor your Soul’s Story. 



Live Your Soul’s Story Package – $9997


This is a deep dive into the process where self-awareness mastery translates into permanent change.  This package is a year-long program that includes 45 sessions as well as a one-day ‘VIP retreat’ (a customized workshop that we co-create) at the end of the program.  You will gain all the necessary skills to fully take responsibility for creating the life you want, with the ongoing support to help you fully embrace your Soul’s Story.



An additional opportunity for you… 


I developed the Awaken Your Soul Program based on the Great Story Coaching Model, created by Lucid Living.  In 2015, Lucid Living made this foundational material available to the public as an online course, called Break Through to Your Great Story.  This is the same program that I completed as the first step in my study of the Great Story work.  As a Lucid Living-trained Great Story Coach, I am able to offer this course to you as an add-on to any of the Awaken Your Soul packages for just $497 – that’s $400 off the $897 price offered to the public!   You will be able to hear this work as taught by the original creators of the program, Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi. Click here to learn more about the online course.


Taking this online course during your Awaken Your Soul Program is a great way to jump start your transformational process, deepen your understanding of the foundational principles, and help you integrate the Great Story framework as it applies specifically to your life.  If you choose to do so, I will incorporate specific curriculum from the online course into your weekly homework assignments to complement our work together.

Awaken Your Soul Program