The following workshops are offered at various locations around Houston. 
Please contact me to see the current location and schedule for the particular workshop you're interested in! 


Connecting With Children From the Heart

Do you long to parent in a way that honors the heart connection between you and your child, as well as your own inner peace? This one-day workshop teaches the skills and precepts of Positive Discipline and Compassionate Communication to foster trust, learning, and cooperation between you and the children in your home or classroom. By prioritizing connection and empathy, we get to mutually satisfying solutions and relationships. Participants will learn both principles and tools to help them transform their interactions with the children they love so they can provide nurturance and support with more ease and confidence.






















Growing Through Grief and Loss

Death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events we will ever experience during our lifetime.  Although it is a natural part of life, most of us are ill-prepared and ill-equipped to deal with our grief in a way that helps us grow into the people we most wish to be, and truly honor our loved ones, as well as our lost hopes and dreams for the future.  Whether the loss we’ve experienced is through death, divorce, illness, or another event, nurturing ourselves during the grieving process is what can transform loss into growth.  This is essential both for our own healing, as well as providing the foundation from which we can support the loved ones around us. Using the Happiness Principles that are foundational in my coaching practice, this workshop empowers those grieving to fully embrace the process so that they may heal into a place of love and gratitude for what they have gained, rather than solely focusing on what they have lost.  It provides a safe and sacred space to explore the meaning of grief in our lives.























Bringing Ease and Joy to Parenting

Are you looking for non-punitive parenting tools and skills to solve power struggles, sibling rivalry, develop routines, and deal effectively with other behavioral challenges? This workshop is for you! Positive Discipline provides alternatives to punishment by teaching parents to connect before correcting their children and to practice kindness and firmness at the same time!This process imparts valuable social and life skills such as self-discipline, personal responsibility, cooperation, and creative solutions development. These skills empower children to develop a sense of self-reliance and capacity that will serve them throughout their lives.























Creating Whole Life Integration


Do you struggle with balancing all the “top priorities” in your life – career, children, your spouse, your health, and more?  Compartmentalizing yourself to fulfill each of the roles that matter leaves you feeling exhausted and in a permanent state of feeling you're not doing enough.   In this group class, you will discover how to move beyond the idea of balance into true life integration.  Bringing your whole self fully to each area of your life will free up huge stores of energy, and help you accomplish more in all areas of your that are important to you.  See what a truly integrated life could really look like by creating clarity about your own unique circumstances, values, desires, gifts, and preferences.  Discover how to create whole life integration that honors what’s really important to you, regardless of whatever age & stage you’re in.