What is coaching?

There are almost as many perspectives of coaching as there are professional coaches! My simple definition is that coaching is an empowering partnership that helps you reach your highest potential. It’s an ongoing relationship that supports you in focusing and realizing your visions and goals. Coaching helps people access their own resourcefulness, creativity, and inner wisdom, and translates that into conscious learning and action. Through greater self-awareness and alignment with what’s most important to you, you will get the tools and support to dissolve obstacles and facilitate lasting, meaningful change.


What is “transformational” coaching and how is it different than other types of coaching?

Transformational coaching occurs when deep self-awareness leads to profound, radical, and sustainable change in who the client is – it goes far beyond strategic action plans and taking action to solve surface problems and reach goals. I often describe it as different from other types of coaching because it focuses on creating change from the ‘inside out’. In other words, we start with who you want to be and how you want to feel, and then progress to what you want to do and have, rather than the other way around. Using a transformational approach, you can make lasting, meaningful changes in many areas of your life simultaneously rather than a limited quick-fix solution to one immediate problem. Transformational coaching is also a relationship by which the both the coach and the client impact each other’s growth and evolution. I am constantly inspired by my clients, whose dreams reflect many of my own – whether it’s a longing to connect deeply with their partner or mate, to parent their children with respect and compassion, or to use their gifts to contribute to making the world a better, more loving place.  

What are some reasons people hire a coach?

There are many benefits to coaching, and many reasons people hire a coach. A few of the most common reasons include:

  • to increase their performance and success at work

  • to create more balance and fulfillment in their life

  • to successfully navigate a change in their career or personal life

  • to plan their life based on what matters most

  • to see the opportunity in life’s unexpected challenges


Coaching can be particularly helpful if you experience any of the following:

  • a sense of overwhelm, confusion, or feeling stuck

  • a health challenge, significant loss, or major life transition

  • a lack of clarity of purpose in your life

  • a strong desire to be happier in your daily life – to truly thrive, rather than just survive


How is coaching done?

Individual coaching can be done in person, by telephone, or via computer (e.g. Skype) depending on the client’s preference. Coaching sessions usually occur on a weekly basis, but scheduling can be tailored to the individual client. To create profound changes in your life, I suggest a three-month commitment.

Is coaching therapy?

No, coaching is not therapy and there are important differences between the two. Coaching focuses on personal growth and strategic planning and does not attempt to heal emotional trauma. Coaches (myself included) regularly refer clients to other professionals for issues that are better suited to a therapeutic relationship. That said, coaching can be a wonderful adjunct to other types of support clients may be receiving and many clients find they are much more effective in creating what they want while doing coaching simultaneously with therapeutic interventions. I’ve found this can be especially true for clients who have experience with mental illness, trauma, addictions, and grief.


What is a typical session like?

The hallmark of coaching is personal self-responsibility - clients take responsibility for what they want to create in their lives, and the coach supports them in getting there. The client sets the agenda for the session and the coach follows that agenda, often delving deeper into what is underlying what the client wants. Coaching is based on the premise that the client already possesses the resources to reach their highest potential, and the coaches role is to help them access their inner wisdom and creativity to move forward. Through empathetic and focused listening, powerful and clarifying questions, specific planning tools, and accountability for action plans, I will support you in discovering your own insights and solutions through deeper awareness of your needs, values, emotions, and beliefs. As your coach, I’ll be 100% committed to supporting you and your goal. Through my vision of what’s possible for you, I will be holding the space for you even during the times when it may be hard for you to see what’s possible for you to create.


What does it cost?

The rate for coaching is $225/hr (or $175 per 45-minute session). Some clients prefer longer or shorter sessions so the length and frequency of sessions is customized to your individual preferences.  Most corporate clients, for example, prefer one-hour sessions. Individual sessions are generally scheduled a month ahead of time and fees are paid at the beginning of the month. Multiple-session coaching packages are also available for a minimum of 3-months at a discounted rate. 


Click here to see my detailed fee schedule.   You may pay by check or PayPal; services are available for purchse online on the Purchase page.


How do I know if it will be worth it?

Your coaching fee is a big investment in yourself – supporting the goals and vision you have for the life you want. For your investment to be “worth it”, you have to be willing and ready to gain the awareness, insights, and skills you’ll need and move forward with action to create the life of your dreams. If you only want to talk about changes in your life but aren’t willing to look at all that is possible for you and move forward, you may not be ready to get the most value out of coaching. When you are ready to commit to yourself to create the changes in your life that you really desire, your return on investment will show up in your life experience. If you are cautious about spending money and concerned about making intelligent choices, read my article describing Four Essential Tips to Maximize Your Coaching Investment by clicking here or access it on the Resources page.


How is the Awaken Your Soul Program different than your regular coaching?

I developed the Awaken Your Soul Program based on the Great Story Coaching Model, created by Lucid Living.  It is a unique blend of my own coaching style and philosophy overlaid over the powerful foundation of the Great Story framework and tools.  As a Lucid Living trained Great Story Coach, I guide you through this deep process and support you in discovering and awakening your soul’s agenda – the story you are really here to live.  Although both processes lead to similar transformational outcomes, the Awaken Your Soul Program is based on a specific framework and tools, while my traditional transformational coaching blends principles and tools from a variety of different schools and modalities, including Great Story Coaching.  The coaching sessions that are part of the Awaken Your Soul Program are also longer in duration (60 minutes each instead of 45 minutes.)  I’m happy to have a complimentary strategy session with you about whether coaching is the right fit for you, and if so, we can address which type of coaching might be best.  If you’d like to learn more about the Great Story model, check out Lucid Living’s online course, Breakthrough to Your Great Story, here.  If you decide to become an Awaken Your Soul Program client, you’ll be eligible to purchase this online course through me for almost half off - $497 compared to the $897 price offered to the public!


Do you offer any other services besides individual coaching?

Yes, I also facilitate group classes and workshops, which generally range from $150 - $300 depending on the topic and length. Classes typically run weekly for 6-12 weeks and weekend workshops are 1-2 full days. Although the classes and workshops are quite different from individual coaching, they can be used to begin to explore your values, desires, and vision for your life, as well as to learn and practice useful tools that will help you on your journey. This is often a good place to start exploring your readiness and commitment for making big changes in your life.  Check out the events page to see what group classes and workshops are being currently offered. Custom classes and workshops may also be arranged for corporate clients as well as private groups of 6 individuals or more.

Do you do offer any pro bono services?

Yes! I am deeply grateful for all of the many individuals, groups, and organizations that have contributed to my life as it is today. Without so much support, I would not be living with such ease and joy. Many directly facilitated my learning, while others supported my family through scholarships and other types financial aid during our journey with autism. I enjoy “paying this forward” by reserving 5-10% of my coaching/teaching hours for pro bono work. If you know someone whom you think would benefit from coaching but cannot afford it, please contact me to find out if I have any pro bono hours currently available, or to add their name (or yours) to the waiting list. I especially love to work with those supporting our world community in this way (non-profits, schools, etc.)  I also provide pro bono coaching through volunteering with One to One, a wonderful non-profit dedicated to helping women through coaching.  You can check out the fabulous work they are doing in the world here.


It’s easy. Email me to arrange a free 30-minute strategy session. We’ll do a short sample coaching session and talk about whether coaching is right for you. If it is a good fit for both of us, and you decide you want to move on to the next step, we’ll get out our calendars and schedule your “Discovery” session, the first session that will set the foundation for the coaching we’ll do together.

How do I get started?