Group classes and workshops are a fun, interactive way to learn new skills and help individuals become more effective in their work and personal lives.  Both classes and workshops are centered on specific themes and can be customized for groups of 6 or more.  Classes generally meet for 2 hours each week for 6-12 weeks, depending on the topic, and can be particularly beneficial by providing more time to absorb the material, integrate it, and receive feedback as you put what you’ve learned into practice.  Workshops are both more intensive and experiential than group classes, taking place over 1-2 full days (8 or 16 hours), and provide scheduling convenience by delivering a lot of content over a short period of time. 


Both formats offer an affordable way for organizations to provide valuable benefits to all their employees, rather than just private coaching or training for those at the executive or managerial levels.  Many organizations find that a combination of the two is ideal.  By offering an intensive workshop to initially teach the concepts, and then offering a brief follow-up class to support employees in practicing and fully integrating what they’ve learned, individuals can truly make the changes they strive for permanent. 


Descriptions of current popular group classes and workshops are listed below.



Group Classes and Workshops

Bringing Ease and Joy to Parenting With Positive Discipline


Would you like to find more joy in parenting?  Do you find yourself saying or doing things you soon regret, and don’t get the results you want?  Are you longing for more love and connection with both your child and yourself?  Learn a commonsense approach to parenting that really works!  Positive Discipline is a kind AND firm method of parenting that respects both children and parents, while teaching valuable life skills that will last.  Developed by Dr. Jane Nelson, Positive Discipline has been used for 4 decades in homes and classrooms to foster trust, learning, and cooperation between parents and kids.  Learn new discipline tools to build your child’s self-esteem, self-discipline, personal responsibility, and problem-solving skills.  By understanding the underlying motivations of children’s behavior and the role you play in influencing it, you will create the opportunity for new dynamics to emerge.  Create a solid foundation for the relationship you want to enjoy with your children when they’re adults, and for the rest of your life. 


Note: I was inspired to become certified as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator just weeks after experiencing how effective these principles were in my own home with my two children.  For more information about Positive Discipline, visit:

Creating Whole Life Integration


Do you struggle with balancing all the “top priorities” in your life – career, children, your spouse, your health, and more?  Compartmentalizing yourself to fulfill each of the roles that matter leaves you feeling exhausted and in a permanent state of feeling you're not doing enough.   In this group class, you will discover how to move beyond the idea of balance into true life integration.  Bringing your whole self fully to each area of your life will free up huge stores of energy, and help you accomplish more in all areas of your that are important to you.  See what a truly integrated life could really look like by creating clarity about your own unique circumstances, values, desires, gifts, and preferences.  Discover how to create whole life integration that honors what’s really important to you, regardless of whatever age & stage you’re in. 


Compassionate Communication


Do you want to radically enhance your ability to communicate with others?  Would you love to be more effective at resolving conflicts, so that each side can be respected and understood, and you can reach win-win scenarios?  Would you like to enjoy deeper connections with the important people in your life – your partner, children, family, friends, and coworkers? Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication or NVC, is a method of listening and speaking that allows us to understand and connect deeply to others and ourselves, setting the foundation to resolve conflicts while allowing everyone’s needs to be met.  Founded in the historic concepts of nonviolence and created by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., Compassionate Communication has been used for over 40 years around the world to help individuals, groups, and governments to develop mutually satisfying relationships and solutions that create positive social change.  Based on the principle that we all share universal human needs (and that our behavior is always an attempt to meet those needs), NVC shows us how to transform judgments, criticism, blame, and demands into a shared foundation for connection and cooperation. (for more information about Nonviolent Communication, visit


Growing Through Grief and Loss


Death of a loved one is one of the most traumatic events we will ever experience during our lifetime.  Although it is a natural part of life, most of us are ill-prepared and ill-equipped to deal with our grief in a way that helps us grow into the people we most wish to be, and truly honor our loved ones.  This course empowers those grieving to fully embrace the process so that they may heal into a place of love and gratitude for what they have gained, rather than solely focusing on what they have lost.  It provides a safe and sacred space to explore the meaning of grief in our lives, and invites participants to make the shift from seeing grief as a stuck point to a friend along their life’s journey. 

Peaceful Parenting From the Heart


Were you the perfect parent – until you actually had children?!  Most of us describe parenting as the most challenging job we’ve ever had.  Despite our best intentions, our interactions with our children often fall far short of our ideals.  Do you long to parent in a way that honors the heart connection between you and your child, as well as your own inner peace?  Would you like more OUTER peace in your home?  This course blends the foundational principles of Compassionate Communication (created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg) with the practical tools of Positive Discipline (created by Dr. Jane Nelson, Ph.D.) to empower parents to connect fully with their children in loving ways that emphasize empathy, respect and compassion, while at the same time inspiring cooperation, trust, learning, and responsibility.  For over 40 years, both these methodologies have demonstrated that when we prioritize connection and empathy, we can create secure, loving relationships that respect our children AND ourselves at the same time.   You’ll learn practical skills to foster trust, learning, and cooperation between you and the children in your home or classroom.   

Thriving Through Change


Are you going through a life transition?  Would you like to travel the path of change with ease and grace, rather than stress and struggle?  Whether we’re moving towards something “positive” (marriage, new job, retirement, relocation, empty nest) or “negative” (significant loss, divorce, serious illness, becoming a caregiver), all change has the potential to create stress and shift our lives off course.   Explore how to empower yourself to navigate change gracefully and with compassion, regardless of whatever circumstances you’re in or moving towards.