One-on-one Coaching

I offer one-on-one coaching to support clients in creating more happiness and meaning in their lives, as well as experiencing more peace and ease along the way.  The process of self-discovery can be truly transformational – both for clients and the coach!  Through increased awareness of your beliefs, attitudes, and emotions, as well as the application of the happiness principles, you can radically alter your life experience.  


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Awaken Your Soul Program

Are you living your Soul’s Story– is your life continually growing into more meaning and joy?  Or do you get stuck in your stories instead, forgetting that you are the author of your life?   This program holds the potential to open the door to conscious transformation!


The Awaken Your Soul Program provides the framework, tools, and support to break out of the status quo in your life and create a new and empowered future.  Clients of this program experience new levels of personal freedom, happiness, and inspiration propelling them to consciously create the life of their dreams.  By awakening to your soul’s calling – your  ‘Great Story’ – you will be able to transform yourself and your life.  


Group Classes and Workshops

Group classes and workshops are a fun, interactive way to learn new skills and help individuals become more effective in their work and personal lives. Both classes and workshops are centered on specific themes and can be customized for groups of 6 or more. Classes generally meet for 2 hours each week for 6-12 weeks, depending on the topic, and can be particularly beneficial by providing more time to absorb the material, integrate it, and receive feedback as you put what you’ve learned into practice. Workshops are both more intensive and experiential than group classes, taking place over 1-2 full days (8 or 16 hours), and provide scheduling convenience by delivering a lot of content over a short period of time.